Handbook of Research on Business Process Modeling

Cardoso and Aalst. IGI Global 2009.

In the last 10 years, there has been an explosion in the number of theories, technologies, standards, and tools providing business process support. At the same time, process support has taken an increasingly important role within information systems development (process-aware systems).

The conjunction of these factors has created a need among practitioners (e.g., researchers, system analysts, IT consultants, business analysts, and chief process officers) for a book providing a broad overview of this promising field from an academic and industrial perspective.

To achieve this goal, this handbook will bring together in one place contributions from leading experts, thereby guaranteeing a broad and diverse base of knowledge and expertise. The need for a comprehensive and authoritative book on Research on Business Process Modeling is latent among researchers from academia and industry and from workflow and BPM vendors. Stakeholders are often overloaded with a massive amount of BPM data available on the Web, but with no coherent 360? view of the field. When referring to general theory, techniques, and technologies, publications refer to an array of survey articles, with no reference standing out as an agreed-upon source of common ground.

This book is available at igi-global.com