PhD, MSc, and Visiting Positions

If you are curious about systems, want to be challenged and engage in cutting edge research, propose novel ideas not proposed before, and leave your own mark on the academic world, you are probably a good candidate for a PhD. While a MSc involve often involves the application of existing models and techniques, a PhD are almost totally independent and involve the creation of novel knowledge not know before.

If you would like to do you PhD or Msc with our applied research group visit the following webpage Phd/MSsc and visiting positions.

AI-Driven Operations

Since 2016 my group is developing the iForesight 3.0 system which is being used to evaluate new O&M approaches. It is intelligent a new tool aimed at SRE cloud maintenance teams. It enables them to quickly detect, localize and predict anomalies thanks to the use of artificial intelligence when cloud services are slow or unresponsive.

Cloud Reliability

Huawei Cloud is one of the largest and fastest growing platforms in the world, with over 40 availability zones located across 23 geographical regions, ranging from Germany, France, South/Central America, Hong Kong and Russia to Thailand and South Africa. Thus, it is extremely important that our platform remain up at all times.

In our research, we explored how Chaos Engineering, introduced by Netflix in 2011, could be used to improve the resiliency of our complex distributed systems. More information is available here: Cloud Reliability

Service Systems

Between 2012-2015, we did research on service systems. Namely, service description languages (with the USDL family), service system modeling (with the LSS USDL language), service analytics (using process mining), and service networks (using principals from social networks). Results of our results are available here: Service Systems.

Past Projects

Over the years we have participated in many projects: Past Projects.


All the students that worked with us is available at Past Students.