Evolution and Overview of Linked USDL

Last Thursday (05.02.2015), Prof. Jorge Cardoso presented the paper titled “Evolution and Overview of Linked USDL” at the 6th International Conference Exploring Services Science (IESS 2015), held in Porto, Portugal. The paper, written with Carlos Pedrinaci, reviews the evolution and provides an overview of Linked USDL, the comprehensive language that provides a multi-faceted description of services over the web.

The first attempts to develop USDL were made seven years ago, in 2008, and proposed a simple XML schema to capture the main characteristics of services. In 2011, technologies based on Ecore and EMF were used for modeling. To surpass existing limitations (e.g., rigidity and complexity) and to find a better alignment with web standards (e.g., HTTP and URI) motivated researchers develop Linked USDL, an approach based on Linked Data principles. It was completed in 2013 and it is the fourth version of the language.

  • Jorge Cardoso and Carlos Pedrinaci, Evolution and Overview of Linked USDL. 6th International Conference Exploring Services Science, IESS 2015, Porto, Portugal, February 4-6, 2015, LNBIP, Vol. 201, Novoa, Henriqueta, Dragoicea, Monica (Eds.), 2015.